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US Army Trusted Sunscreen Lotion and Spray for Your Store.

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- Specially designed for water restricted environments where clean hands are the forefront of defense against harmful virus and bacteria.

- Kills most viruses and bacteria.

- Convenient TSA Compliant carry on tube.

- Biodegradable.


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Our brand is so appealing because every single person is in a fight with something

  • For some it’s an illness medical condition
  • Perhaps it's money, fiscal responsibilities, career, IRS taxes, college tuition, bankruptcy or mortgage concerns
  • Or maybe it's relationship issues: an ex, spouse, parents, or children
  • Or trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle: managing weight/diet, trying to quit smoking, or exercising regularly
In other words, if you are fighting something you are a Warrior and you must Win Your Battles… therefore you are ONE OF US! as simple as that.


Great Sunscreen! It's sweat proof and doesn't have any fragrance. A lot of SPF 50s go on thick and cakey...not this one. We go jet skiing every weekend and needed something that can outlast us. We found it!
By Lilwhodas on March 3, 2017

Absolutely loved this sunscreen! My family and I are all very fair skinned and this really helped prevent us from burning the entire time we were out in the sun. I would 100% recommend this product. By far the best I have used thus far!
By Lindsay on February 8, 2017

Perfect. My son is a scuba diving instructor living in the Carribean and has educated me on the detrimental effects of sunscreens on the reefs. This product is believed to be totally safe
By Natawkah on September 18, 2017

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