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Protect your skin from sunburn using natural remedies

Posted on January 27 2017

The one thing that you wouldn’t want is having raw and stinging sunburn or using a strong sunscreen made with chemicals. 

The amounts of chemicals that are loaded in most commercially available sunscreens are often harmful. Some have really toxic chemical solvents, parabens, strong alcohols and petroleum oils that are very damaging especially if applied to porous skin frequently. To stay away from harmful chemicals, you should try out more natural remedies which not only soothe the skin but save you from the sun as well.

Here are some natural ways to build tolerance to stay stress free in the sun during all seasons.

Carefully Choose and Wear Protective Clothing:

Our skin contains melanocytes that take some time to kick-in in order to produce the protective pigment that results in a tan. The body reaches its full potential of producing vitamin D anywhere from about 20 minutes to 1 hour midday which depends highly on skin tone. After the set amount of time, cover yourself up in some loose white clothing and find shade. White clothing is scientifically proved to keep the body cool.

Consume Vitamin D:

The sun plays an integral part in manufacturing vitamin D. And eating foods enriched with vitamin D like fermented cod liver oil or quality source of oral vitamin helps you in protection from UV radiation of sun. You shall see for yourself how much your tolerance to sun exposure enhances.

Open Your Diet to Saturated Fats:

Having dietary fat and oils provide you with building blocks for skin tissues. If your skin is full of fragile oils, it shall react more sensitively to damage by the sun.

Add Some Mineral Intake:

Deficiencies of certain minerals in the body like zinc and magnesium could result in sun rashes and photosensitivity. Consume mineral foods both from animal and plant sources. Get your mineral status checked as well. Organ meats like liver and bone broths are balanced particularly in trace minerals.

Trust Coconut Oil:

Meals prepared in coconut oil are delicious and cold pressed coconut oil happens to be quite a strong healing agent when you applied to dried or broken skin. Though tests prove it blocks about 20% of the harsh sun rays, the antioxidants that are released in the skin upon its application prevents damage to skin from long term exposure to the sun and boost natural defenses of the skin.

Try Warrior Sunscreen from United Spirit of America:

As stated earlier, natural things or products made of natural ingredients provide most protection against the harmful UVA/UVB rays. Containing SPF50, this paraben free sunscreen has been designed with shield technology using mineral that protects the skin and lets sweat go through and disappear. Tested under extreme conditions, United Spirit of America Sunscreen is oil free and both sweat and water-resistant.

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