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Why Zinc Oxide Is The Best Choice For Sunscreen

Posted on December 06 2017

Sunscreens now have new standards that require them to perform well and “do their job” so to speak. The effectiveness of many chemical-based sunscreens has been questioned over the last few years. Products that you thought were protecting you from the sun may not be. If you’re looking for a natural sunscreen that works well and avoids using chemical compounds for sun protection, read on to understand why zinc oxide is one of the best organic skin protectants from the sun. 

What Is Zinc Oxide?

Zinc oxide is nearly insoluble in water. It appears as a white powder and is a natural mineral form that comes from the earth’s crust. It can be produced synthetically as well. The compound is an additive in many things, but one of the most well-known characteristics of zinc oxide is that it’s non-irritating. If something is sensitive enough to be used in baby products like powder and diaper cream, you know it’s gentle!

Zinc forms a barrier over the skin in order to block the sun’s rays. It works as a reflective shield. Zinc oxide can reduce the damage from UV rays and can even slow the aging process.

Why Warriors Use It

Warrior Mart sells a zinc oxide-based sunscreen that includes titanium dioxide, giving you that much more protection. It has been tested thoroughly by the US military. When you purchase our sunscreen, you know you’ll be winning your battle against the sun! Warrior- Win your battles!
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