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About us

About Us

It all started when Dr. JJ and his wife met a lady trying to send a care package to her son at the Post Office and they tried to help her put together the package. They noticed that it cost her more to send the package than what was inside a few months later they met the same lady again but this time she was with her son in his uniform and they started a conversation that generated a company called United Spirit of America.

They learned that although everything in the military is uniform (same boots, helmets, haircut, etc.) there were no standardized toiletries and that most soldiers struggle to get light weight high quality personal cleansing products. We also found out that on average 36% of all deployed personnel will get sick with easily controllable infectious diseases. (see references below).


We also learned that if you are in prison for committing a horrible crime against society you get free shelter, health care, clothing, food and all your personal items for free... but if you are a soldier serving your country... you have to buy them! and some of our finest soldiers don't have the money to do so... then everyone is at risk... it only takes one person to get sick to "spread the goods" rather fast.

To us that was so outrageous and so out of place that we decided to start a new company with the only purpose to challenge the status quo. We believe thinking differently and therefore offering products that are, behave and do things differently. We decided to change the status quo by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user and environmentally friendly... all in a way that make you feel not only good about yourself but about your country as well.

We set out a series of conditions to make our products:

They have to be innovative enough to perform better yet standard enough so anybody could use them
We want a family of products that solve merchandising and sourcing problems
Our products must be multifunction and multipurpose
Must have unscented, tactical, and waterless features
They must be light carry-on ready and easy to use
Designed and tested for Outdoor use under the most extreme conditions
They must cover all the essentials for hygiene and illness prevention
All must be TSA compliant for easy transport
Each of our products must provide an edge to the end user
They must be 100% made in USA and they must be affordable.


With that set of conditions we started to invest and research formulas, packaging and products... and after years of investment, fine tuning and painstaking elimination we came out with the best products that can be made for our warriors.

To our suprise, outdoor enthusiasts loved them and so did hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, scouting groups, etc. Then institutions started calling... the Red Cross, FEMA and the United Nations started to bring our products into their programs. We now have distributors in 7 countries and our Point of Sale network grows on a daily basis.


We welcome all comments, ideas and experiences that you may have with our products, please feel free to contact us at: or call us at 866-295-0277

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