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Outdoors Warriors


Sunscreen is probably one of the first things you would think of using to protect your skin. However our Warrior Sunscreen may look a bit different than what you might find in your local drug store. We carry sunscreens designed with the active customer in mind, water resistant which in itself isn’t uncommon to find, however we carry sunscreens that tend to be packable, environmentally friendly, easy to apply and are not greasy.

Winter Sunscreen

You think about protection from the sun in the summer, but what about the winter? Our outdoor warriors are active all year 'round. They are avid skiers and snowboarders and protecting their skin from the sun in the winter is just as important. 

Our campers, hikers, anglers and hunters also like the free carabiner that comes with our sunscreens. Makes it easy to hook your sun protection to your belt or backpack.




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