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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Pricing: Prices may change without notice, but Warrior will honor all orders within 30 days previous to any price change.

Return Policy from distributors/retailers: All sales are final; all our products are 100% quality guarantee for life. 100% Credit will be issued only for defective or damaged merchandise or products shipped to you in error by USA-Spirit/Warrior and at retailers request product can be exchanged for new one with return number.

Out of Stock/Discontinued Products: We attempt to fill each order completely, but occasionally an item may be out of stock. We do not back order. As we develop new products, we occasionally discontinue others.

Resellers and retailers: There is minimum quantity to qualify for drop shipping. Kits contents are subject to change without notice. USA-Spirit may occasionally replace kits items with equivalent products.


All our products are prepaid. If you wish to get a credit line please contact for application.



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